The Epic Love Story

Most people long for an epic love story. A love story like no other. A love story that will conquer all. A love story that many people want to watch in the television screen or in the movie screen or read in a book. They WAIT just like a damsel in distress. They WAIT until someone pursue them. They WAIT but then that’s the only thing they do. WAIT.

There’s nothing wrong in waiting. In waiting, we begin to be patient. But in waiting, we are also stuck.

I know most of us have the ideal man or woman. Someone who is fearful of God, patient, decision-maker, looks like some celebrity and so on. But most of us maybe hasn’t found them yet.

One thing I learned from setting ideals… that we should be our own ideals.

To have better, be better.” This is the principle I always live by. It is like saying, “You are what you attract.” If we set ideals, we should learn to be our own ideals. If you want someone who is fearful of God, you should also live fearful of God. If you want someone who has patience, you should have to. So same goes, if you don’t like an angry husband, don’t be a bickering wife. If you don’t want a liar, don’t be a liar.

Don’t settle for anything less. CHOOSE. PRAY. WAIT. Somewhere, someday we will find the one and when we find them, we will have an epic love story. The perfect timing is God’s. WAIT and BE BETTER.

Remember: While waiting for your own epic love story, learn to be your own ideals. There is nothing worth your while than giving your best to be better. Be a better person and you will also attract better things.

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