The first and the last time I’m talking about my weight.

This is the first time I will talk about my weight and I think the last time.

What if I’m thin? Does it make me less of a human?

Most of the people I know and people I meet, always ask me the same thing,

“Do you still eat?”

The sarcastic me wants to answer,

“Well, I guess I’m eating because if I’m not, I think I’ll be dead by now.”

But the respectful side of me answers like this:

“I’m trying hard to gain weight you know (giggling), I guess it’s my DNA at fault.”

I know people who meet me have this in mind: “Does she eat?” “Oh, she’s anorexic!” “Oh, poor her, she’s beautiful but she’s too thin.” (Just made up the beautiful part… Haha).

I happen to be underweight. For a 5’5″ person like me, a 40kg of weight is freakishly not normal, and considered as UNDERWEIGHT. I’m not gonna lie, sometimes I find myself daydreaming of having a normal body mass. What if I have more muscle in my torso or in my arms or in my legs? It’s frustrating. Most especially when people think I am anorexic or bulimic. In fact, I am a happy in sight of food. I love eating so much. But the fact is, my metabolism is super fast.

I’m tired of explaining these to them. It is like reading the same line over and over again.

I guess, what I am trying to say is, come on people, stop judging others. What if he’s fat? Does he make less of a person? What if she’s beautiful? Does it make her more of a human? And come on! There is more to life than what meets the eye. There is more important things to tackle than the belt bags in one’s abdominal area or the bone portruding in one’s shoulder.

What if we all stop making a huge fuss of small and extra large shirts? of waistlines? of shades of lipsticks? of booties (thank you J.Lo and Iggy Azalea for making a big fuss about one’s butt)?

I think it will make this world more of a wonderful place to live.

~my thoughts on a Sunday afternoon

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4 thoughts on “The first and the last time I’m talking about my weight.

  1. It’s I sad how people like to focus on the external, like that is what defines a person but it’s not. The truest part of a person is not what they look like on the outside, fat or thin but what is inside them! I will admit it’s a constant battle fighting other people’s opinion’s but people will always have opinions! We have to learn to shut out the negative ones.
    A great post Julienne…..


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