Face of a Stranger

Many times I wandered in the oblivion of strangeness,
looking for answers to questions
no one dared to find.
I asked, “why do we need to cry, laugh and fear?”
I asked, “what can we do if we cannot hear?”
“Can we still see this world how we perceive it now?”
“Or another perspective will be in light?”
Many questions have passed,
nobody tried to open his mouth.

Many days past me,
I became hungry and tired.
My feet crumbled as I tried to stand
like a limp without a staff.

As I was walking uptown,
I found someone
whose face shine upon mine.
Many questions I thought to ask,
but what I needed was bread and staff
for I was hungry and tired.
I asked,
“Do you have bread for me to eat?”
“Or a staff so I can continue to wander?”
I asked and asked
but he only smiled.
As if my hunger and tiredness
was blown away with his peculiar light.

Many years later, I wondered,
how my journey ended.
My memory has faded
but only his smile I remembered,
and all the questions, hunger and fear were replaced
by the face of light of a stranger.


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