The Big Guy Upstairs

I finished the book of Rob Strong, The Big Guy Upstairs. I thought at first, it was just like any other inspirational book. However, I thought wrong.


The Big Guy Upstairs tackled the supposed to be relationship of Man and God. Man today has settled in the idea of a Big Guy Upstairs, a too far God, an angry God.

This book explained how long time ago (Adam and Eve’s time), it was natural for human to be connected with God. Adam and Eve had a harmonious relationship with God. But because of sin, the natural connection between Man and God became unnatural.

The unnaturalness of the connection was broken when God gave His Son as an atonement of sin. Through Jesus, the natural connection (just like Adam and Eve’s time) starts again with the help of the Holy Spirit.

God is not too far away from us. He is just waiting for us.

He is like a peach tree in your backyard which you haven’t remembered planting. But stayed there for you to find.

He is like the brown shoes you have been wanting for so long to buy but wasn’t able to. Yet, someone close to you is generous enough to buy you one.

He is like the a party stopper only to find out that He has the greatest party in store for you.

I can give you so many metaphors. But I do not like to spoil the book for you. So grab a copy now.

What makes it different from any inspirational book is it answers questions.

Disclaimer: This is not a book review. When finishing this book, I felt the need to share what I’ve learned and this is it.

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