My Bag is Heavy and so is my Heart

In this world, we need to strive for more. Obligations and responsibilities are which we are accustomed to prioritize… Obligations to our families, to our friends, to ourselves, to our church, to our country and to our world. We are responsible to meet our ends to our needs. That is when worries arise.

Most of the time, when I go out, I always have my bag with me. Inside it is the “essentials” of my daily life, umbrella, 2 wallets, 2 purses, pencil case, charger, earphone, cellphone and tablet, at times with a notebook or a book. That is so much for a thin girl like me. To tell you the truth, it is heavy… REAL HEAVY. I’ll never know, when will I need one of those. Imagine, everyday I manage to carry it. I feel like a superhuman, but at the end of the day I get tired.

Just like in real life, we may carry loads and tons of things we think are essential, such us, our dreams for the future, the failures of our past and so on. We manage to carry it in the present. However, there will be a moment in our life we will become weary and anxious of everything. We cannot move on because our hearts are too heavy, too used, too tired.

It may sound cliche to say, “LIVE FOR TODAY” but in fact what we really need to do is live for today. The present has so much obligation we have to deal with, we do not need not to carry our old or our future baggages. I know, we care that’s why we worry. I fully understand that. Yet, if we always worry about those things, we are like discrediting the faith God has. Remember God is a faithful God. He will never disappoint us since He has plans and path ready for us to take. He is always faithful with His promises. When will we be faithful to His?


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