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True service lies not on what or how you do it but on why you do it.

As Christians, one of our purposes is to serve the Lord, our God. People seek temples, churches or solemn rooms to serve God. Worshipping and praising in the bright-lit rooms with convenient ventilation and chairs. It is nice and even beautiful to see people gather in one place to serve God, yet, beyond the worship and praise, we all know that there is more to that.

For me, true service is in which we should get out with the comfort of our temples and spread the good news to every human kind we meet. Not just share it with mere words but with the act Jesus had shown when He was still in His earthly body. Humility, sacrifice and love are the core of true service. So what if we can sing praise loudly? Yes, it attract people to look, but what this world needs is more than a song. So what if we regularly visit the church? Yes, God’s heart will be pleased, yet the world needs more than the physical buildings.

Beyond the service in the Church, what the world needs is Christians be out there and serve the less fortunate, like what Jesus did; open the hearts of every people to salvation. I think, God will be delighted and I think now is the time to do that.

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