The Blahs of Life

Death is inevitable. Everything in this world will soon be gone. What we have today is never an assurance of our tomorrow.

As a child, I wanted to get older fast because I thought older people have freedom. Freedom to choose, freedom to decide, and freedom to love. But I stand corrected. Grown ups are never free. Yes, we can choose, we can decide and we can love. Yet, we are still bounded. Bounded by the world of chains and the game of race.

We cannot solely choose our passion. Right now, survival is the game we need to endure. We need to strive to have something to eat. We need to work hard for the money. We need to do the least thing we want to do to keep up in the race. We cannot be as idealistic as we are as a child. Not all dreams come true or maybe it can but we need to think about others first before pursuing our own dreams. Or sometimes, in all our dreams, we need to make the people important to us be part of it.

There are so much dilemma in being a grown up… Responsibilities, priorities, obligations, dreams, passions, goals… and we only have a short life to live.

We should realize these: In this world, we should learn to balance the situation, our responsibilities versus our passion, priorities versus our goals, and obligations versus our dreams. It may sound cliché, but in the end, all will be alright… maybe not a very happy ending but I assure you it will be a very joyous ever after. But don’t wait for tomorrow to start our very joyous ever after, start now, begin today. Mind you, the clock is ticking and tomorrow is never an assurance.

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2 thoughts on “The Blahs of Life

  1. Very thought provoking! Love your post! For sure, tomorrow and even the next minute of ones life is not a given. To live with hope, love and pasion is what makes life today and forever a reward. To live without hope, love and pasion makes life a burden. God gave each of us at birth these desires. It is our responsibility to hold onto them and not let others steal them from us and to build others up when they become lost, overwhelmed and struggle.

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    • “To live without hope, love and passion makes life a burden.” I agree. I cannot imagine a person without hope or love or passion in his life. Life without those is miserable.

      And thank you to this statement of yours: “to build others up when they become lost, overwhelmed and struggle.” It is my dilemma every time. I want to do one thing but I am stopped by my own desire to help others. Your statement makes me realize that one of our purpose here on earth is to guide others and help them. And God gave us the instrument to pursue helping by means of our skills and talents.

      Thank you very much! And God bless you always! 🙂


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