Friendship never ends

“To infinity and beyond…” -Buzz Lightyear

True friendship is hard to find. It is like looking for a needle in a vast of cotton balls. Lucky are the people who finds it.

People come and go with our life, they become our friends but end up being a stranger. Imagine having a childhood friend, people can never separate you. You promised to each other that you will be friends forever. But high school came, and it is like you barely know each other. You never talked again. You never say Hi to each other and never exchange a smile even once. The irony.

Whenever I see past friends on Facebook, I wonder, “what went wrong?” It may sound cliche, but the answer is friends most of the time grow apart. We become strangers in the eyes of our friends. We become anonymous. We become unknown. Simply because we change. And the things we enjoy as friends before has now become history.

Blessed I am today that I found friends who do not get tired of being a friend. Friends that even we seldom talk to each other, we still remain as friends. Friends that even we have shortcomings, we need not to explain it but still we understand. Friends that even we forget to greet each other in our special days, still we are friends. Friends that even a year of not seeing each other, still we understand and when we see each other as if nothing has changed. Friends that even though we have new sets of acquaintances, we still hold on to our friendships. image I think that’s the magic of true friendship. Abscence don’t make friendship less of a relationship, it still grows in the hearts of each one. I thank God for the friends I have today. We may have busy schedules but we remain friends to infinity and beyond.

Don’t waste your time wishing that they are beside you, but give time to pray for them and appreciate the friendship you have. Message your friends now!

Taken on Third Year College
Taken on Third Year College

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3 thoughts on “Friendship never ends

    • Yes. Truly friends are the most amazing God had created. And I am thankful that God gave me those kinds of friends. Friends are like diamonds, very special and so expensive so taking it for granted is such a worst thing to do.

      Thank you Rolain for dropping by. God bless you and your friends always! πŸ™‚

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