Commit and Fight


Commitment is like playing basketball, you never stop until it is over.

When time gets rough, it is easy to quit and just stop. Even though, how focused and determined one person is, it is still not enough to continue the fight. Because most of the times, there are several circumstances that make a person decide to stop.

Many people lack commitment because the goal is blurred from their eyes. Or they stop because they are tired. Or they quit because they know in the end they will still lose. People stay committed as long as they can see clearly but when the view gets blurred, one by one, they give up.

Commitment is essential to every aspect of human’ lives. However, commitment is also scarce these days. Marriage crumbles because of lack of commitment to stay strong even times gets tough. People don’t want to marry because they fear commitment. Students fail their studies because they lack dedication to continue. Government fails because they lack the heart to serve. Religion is at chaos, because many are slipping away.

“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” ~2 Timothy 4:7

I remember the story of my friend, A. A grew up in a financially scarce family. But she is an intelligent, nice person and very modest. She always topped the class, always a leader and always a kind friend. Being the eldest child, she needed to strive more. Eventually, she became a Christian, she grows in her relationship with God. But still, her life is never easy. She is still scarce with money. Her parents are somewhat getting separated. Yet, I can still see her commitment with worshipping God. Even life is very tough on her, she never quit, she never stop having faith, she still fighting a good fight.


Honestly, I somewhat envy her. Yes, I grew up financially well. I have everything compared to her. But she is still committed to God and I am not. I have an issue of commitment. Yes I am persistent but when situation gets rough, I cry and quit. I wish to have faith like her. I wish I am committed like her. I pray to God for commitment. I want to utter, I fought a good fight and I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.

What does it take to be committed? COURAGE.

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3 thoughts on “Commit and Fight

  1. Commitment. A word that… err.. affect me. Laging may tusok pag naririnig ko yan. Probably because I quit the first job even though I said that I can commit… “there’s not in between…” haaaay


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