We are new

…The old has gone, the new has come! ~ 2 Corinthians 5:17

Call me sentimental but I love lingering on my past memories. In fact, I keep receipts, pictures, wrappers, and tissue papers with notes in it just to revisit those in the future. I like the feels of it, the happy memories it brings back. Good for happy memories but how about the sad memories it brings?

When our family transfered house from Bulacan to Manila, I left my valuables in our old house, such as, letters and gifts from my childhood, school papers that I have kept for a long time, school photos, some books that I have finished reading, and so many more. It was like I left my whole self there. That was also the time, I was starting to know God more. Then, we left.

So much as I want to hold on from my past, God is telling me NOT TO. When I started to believe and have a relationship with Him, it was expected to surrender all — my past mistakes, my past shortcomings, and old self. Honestly, I still find it hard to surrender everything but I am learning to… one step at a time. Reading the Bible is one thing I can do to learn and to get my path straight. Of course, praying with repentance is the another thing I must do for continuous growth with Him. Reading God’s word and praying should go hand-in-hand.

Yes, past memories may be fun to revisit. But remember, we are now a new creation, that our old self is gone and we are called to be new in Christ.

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2 thoughts on “We are new

  1. I liked this post Julienne! We have been made new and yes we have good memories of the past but God has greater things in store for the future! He has new experiences for us because He has made us new…….God bless



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