Sometimes, the feeling of being not good enough can drain us and burden us to the point where we just want to give up and surrender the fight.

Most of my life, I’ve battled through this issue. In academics, I was doing good but still I was not the best. In my passion of arts (visual and performing arts) and of writing, I am doing a fine job, yet no one gets it. That’s what I called the almostness of life. You think you have done your best but you still end up becoming the second best or the third or much worst you end up failing.

Frustrations, sadness, and surrendering are the only options I’ve got. I envied people who are recognized, who are loved, who seems to be good enough for others. But that was then.

Now, I can finally be proud of myself and not envying others for their success. Now, I can say that I deserve excellence… that I am not always an almost… I am more than fine… I am more than enough… Because of one thing… I am God’s precious daughter.

I want to end this entry by a song of Matthew West, More. However, since my internet connection is not really good, just kindly check it on Youtube. But, here’s some of the lines of the song:

I love you more than the sun
And the stars that I taught how to shine
You are Mine and you shine for Me too
I love you yesterday and today and tomorrow,
I’ll say it again and again…
I love you more.

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