Short-lived Life

Life is short. So better live it today.

News of deaths are swelling up in our television today. Some died because of wars. Others because of natural disasters. Some died of abuse. While others died because of evil in human hearts.

We will all die in the end. That’s what I am saying to myself right now. We will all die in the end.

Receiving bad news are really frustrating. Yet, today, I am not just frustrated, I am furious, even at the verge of crying. Tourism students from my dear Alma Mater drowned from a flash flood. Four died, while two are safe, yet two are still missing. Then, one of my colleagues on the company I have my OJT was killed by two robbers in a motorcycle. These were the kind of news which made me rethink the goodness in people.

We will all die soon. While I cannot do anything about the dead, but I am more than sure that what I can do now is to inspire the living.

Life is short. We should always love, share and be an inspiration to others.

Life is short. We should touch lives.

Life is short. We should do what makes us joyous.

Life is short. We should step forward and make dreams come true.

Life is short. Please remember that tomorrow is never a guarantee, but today is still good. So love the people around you, keep them close to your heart, share what you can share, speak life as much as possible and forgive.

P.S. To the evil people who do inhumane things to others, please stop, look above, forgiveness is awaiting you.

While I am writing this, I am truly sad. I don’t want to say bad stuff to other people even to the inhumane people, I just don’t.

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2 thoughts on “Short-lived Life

  1. Sorry about the people you lost Julienne! The world is broken and you are so right, tomorrow is never guaranteed. May God help us as we make every moment count, as we pursue what he has put us on this earth for. The world in it’s broken state needs the light.


    • True, Rolain. Even though, those people were not really close to me, I can still feel the pain. I always need to remmber that every moments should be treasured because we will never know.
      Yes, this world is very broken and maybe, through our blogs and actions we can be the light of the world.
      Thanks Rolain. God bless! 🙂

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