Comfortable Life

Life is never meant to be comfortable.

Comfort is what we want. We dream of having a luxurious life wherein after long hours of work, we can enjoy the hot tub in our bathroom, we can sit on a very soft couch wherein we can ponder many things and we can have dinner which we do not prepare but the cook. Who doesn’t want this kind of life?

All my life, I’ve been in my soft bed, very comfortable and nothing can make me cringe on simple things. Twenty years of existence, I have experienced the highs of the roller coaster. Then, suddenly, I was faced by problems. I hid, I stayed on the comfort. But that wasn’t the solution I was looking. Life said, I shouldn’t hide. Life said, I shouldn’t stay in the comfort of life. Because, life is never meant to be easy. It is a rocky road, full of humps and bumps.

Twenty three years of existence, I have finally realized a lesson that I should have learned long time ago… here in a small house, when I wake up, I can see the kitchen, the balcony and the dining table… here in a country, wherein rugs to riches story is just one in a million… here in the real world, where fairy tales do come true only at movies and books —

I have learned that life should never been lived comfortably. Instead of looking for comfort, find peace. Instead of easy life, seek testing of character. Instead of craving for happiness, resolve to have joy.

Because in the end, life is never defined by comfort. Living truly is the fact for which we stand up and go out to face the real world.

“Life is never meant to be comfortable because if it is, you are doing life wrong.”

Brain waves again! 🙂
Happy Monday to all of you!

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