I was shocked with the news yesterday about the death of the great Robin Williams, a great actor and comedienne. It was said that he was depressed and killed himself. Well, I still don’t know if the suicide part is true but what I know is this news is very alarming.

How many people have died because of depression? How many people take their own lives because of extreme sadness? How many people choose suicide to stop the pain they are going through?


Sadness and depression are two different things. From Merriam-Webster, Sadness,ย  is defined as “affected with or expressive of grief or unhappiness.” We may be sad because of a death of a pet or we may be sad because of quarrels inside the family. Depression is more than that. Depression is the prolonged feeling of sadness with minimum 2 weeks and may take years and more years. One may experience loss of appetite which may result to weight loss. One may also experience withdrawal from the environment. Depressed people may also not show that they are depressed, they may put a big smile on their faces, yet they feel all the emotions by themselves. Depressed people find their situation very hopeless, in fact, may end their lives just in a glimpse of an eye.


Sometimes, people who are prone with depression most of the time are sad… very sad…even without any concrete reasons. They may reason out many things, but there is no absolute reasons why they feel sad. Blame it to nurture or blame it to nature. But no one really knows where it comes from. Depression is genetic. Depression is the chemicals in our brains. Yet, depression is also circumstances. Depression is the environment.

Even in happy homes, people may get depressed. Even in a harmonious environment, people may get depressed.


We cannot do anything about chemicals. Depressed people may intake several medication (which do have side-effects). We cannot do anything about circumstances. Circumstances are circumstances, these are just unexpected things.

What we can do is observe. Be keen to observe people. May be the one behind you have thinking about suicide for a long time now. May be your office mate has been feeling sad for almost a year now. We may not know.

What we can do is encourage. Instead of judging people around you, try to reach out to them. May be she dress ruggedly because she didn’t care anymore with her appearance. May be tomorrow she’ll end her life.

There is a thin line between genius and madness. So encourage, speak life. You’ll never know who is enduring tough times right now. Be kind. Love people.

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