My Weakness… His Strength

“Sometimes what’s left for us to do is to be weak and let God be strong.”

Joshua 1:9

I am not strong. This is not a new realization for me. Yet, I am drawn in believing that I am strong enough. I once thought being strong is the key to a better self. Yes, maybe it is. But come to think of it, no one has ever been born strong since their birth. We enter this world as fragile being, ready to be broken anytime. And come to think of it, our weaknesses are what set us to the strong person we want to be.

The past month, I became irregular in blogging. Instead of a 2 days a week blog, it became only one. Why? Because I realized that I am not strong enough. There were battles I needed to win, trials I needed to endure and pain that I needed to heal. Sometimes, I want to cry, still can’t because I am not strong enough to cry; I want to shout out loud, yet my voice was not strong enough to find its way out. I want to withdraw from people, but I am not strong enough without the people around me. See, even in my weakness, I am still not strong enough.

Maybe I don’t need to be strong as a person in trial. Maybe what I need is to accept the fact that even the strongest people fall down many times. Maybe what’s left for me to do is surrender and let God be the source of my strength.

In these tough times, God is the only one I can confide with. He is strong and I am not. He is great and I am not. He can move mountains and I cannot. He can calm a wild ocean wave and I cannot. He can steady an agitated heart and I cannot.

In these tough times, God steadies my heart.

Here’s a song of Kari Jobe, Steady my Heart:


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5 thoughts on “My Weakness… His Strength

  1. I loved this post. We are not suppposed to be strong enough. If we are strong then where does God come in? We don’t need God if we are more than capable on our own! It’s only in our weakness when we are strong! Thanks for bringing this point to light Julienne!!! πŸ™‚



  2. I can understand why it was hard to learn. Even as I write this I struggle coming to grips with the concept of God being my strength and letting Him lead me and guide me. I am a very very independent person who had to do things on my own. So being very independent works against me at times because I want to go out on my own, to rely on my own strength and ability!! πŸ™‚
    But to experience God’s full blessings and favor I need to let Him, put Him first and realize I am not capable ALL the time!!!
    The important thing is you have learned the truth and have been able to share it with us…. πŸ™‚


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