Love can wait

It was a rainy morning, I was preparing for a job interview. If you knew me very well, you would know that I am no good at direction. The time I rode a jeepney, I knew where I was going because my dad told me where to go. But then, as I was thinking that I was nearing the company’s office, I immediately went down the jeepney and walk. Only to find out, I was lost.

Why I didn’t go as instructed? I hate myself. My father told me to go that way but I was hardheaded and go on my own way.


Sounds familiar. Our lives are most of the times like that. We thought we can handle things on our own. We could be the person we want to be without any guidance. We thought we know it all. Only to find out that we are incapable of doing these on our own.

Luckily, even we were once lost, love finds its way to bring us where we belong. Remember the story of the Prodigal Son? The son thought he could do it all alone and take away all his endowment from his father. But, when all the money had gone, he went back to his father. Instead of his father being angry, he gave his son a hug.

Whenever we are lost, we can always find someone who is waiting for us… it’s God. He is always waiting because he loves us so much, he is willing to wait even we are lost, even we go on our own way, even we choose the wrong path.

This is just a simple reminder that God loves us so much He is willing to wait.



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3 thoughts on “Love can wait

  1. Inspiring message Julienne, your heart shines brightly in your words! I have just finished a move, and will have the internet full time again…I thank you for your visits and your comments…they are always a blessing. Thank you my sister for being a jewel! Have a wonderful and blessed weekend!


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