In Real Life

They said life is boring when you don’t party, don’t socialize at clubs, don’t travel in different places, don’t check your social media sites every once in a while, or don’t take selfies. Thus, making me a very boring person, I have no life!

What does it mean to truly live?

I once believed that for a person to be able to be alive, one should be on top, to be on success, to be famous, to own a mansion. But different circumstances made me realize that life is more than that. It is more than the degree one holds, it is more than the medals one have, it is more than the money one earned. Life is more than that. I know who have all these things but never happy. They are left empty or feels lacking. There is something they crave for. There is something missing which they do not know. So what is the use of these things if we do not know to why and for whom we are living for?

I believe that only through God we can feel abundant, successful and full. It is through God’s purpose for us we can truly say that life is worth living for. I have faith that honor plus God’s purpose is equal to truly living. That success plus God’s purpose is equated to so much success. That money plus God’s purpose is equal to a joyous life of service.

This is what matters: God’s purpose for our life.


Here’s a song of Switchfoot, The Economy of Mercy. Enjoy!



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