The Greatest Love Letter

Letters are very near to my heart. I am fond of it. I love smelling the stationary papers which I have written the letters. I love receiving letters and I love writing one. Call me sentimental, but yes I am and I am okay with that.

When I was still in my grade school years, me and my friends always exchange letters, we make it a habit to give each other letters. For us, it is a way of communication even though we are only 2 seats apart. Then, high school came, and writing letters had gone minimal. It was sad.

For over 22 years of my life, I collected hundreds of letters from my best friends, closest friends, and admirers. I kept those until we transfer house.

The only letter I keep is the love letters of my number one admirer… God.

When I became Christian, I found out that the Bible is the love letter of God for us. It is the direct communication of God to us. Before knowing it, I thought the Bible is a historical book full of commands. But I stand corrected.

I love how the Bible changes my perspective in life. It gave me wisdom, strength, peace, direction, understanding and more than that is RELATIONSHIP. It taught me that God is a relational being. He is not a distant God who will just watch me from afar. He is a God who is present in all the things I am encountering.

The Bible keeps me sane every time. Whenever I have trouble, before I ask another human being for advice, I will first consult my Bible. It helps me a lot.

The Bible keeps me in the armor of God.

Yes, it is more than a glimpse of the past but it is a letter for you and I. We cannot hear him audibly, but what I know is that He speaks through our Bible.


-My reflection on the 24th weekly devotional


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