Ang Kape ni Itay (My Father’s Coffee)

Happy happy father’s day to all of you! Here’s a story written way back. Hope you enjoy it πŸ™‚

In Princess's Heart


A flash fiction written 2 years ago, exactly February 15, 2011 as a seat work at school for our Retorika subject. It was written in Tagalog so I tried (well I really tried) to translate it in English.

β€œItay nandito na po ako.” Dali-dali syang pumunta sa salas. (β€œDad, I’m already here.” She hurriedly went to the living room.

β€œGusto niyo po ba ng kape? Ipagtitimpla ko po kayo.” Pumunta siya sa kusina at nagtimpla ng kape. β€œMay asukal po ba?” (β€œDo you want a cup of coffee? I’ll make one for you.” She went in the kitchen and made a cup of coffee for her father. β€œDo you want it with sugar?”)

β€œIto na po ang kape niyo.” Ngumiti siya sa kanyang harapan. (β€œHere’s your coffee.” She smiles in front of her.)

β€œAlam nyo po ba, pinagtripan na naman ako ng mga kaibigan ko kanina.” Nangingilid ang luha…

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