I’m busy!!!

Do you believe that humans today are attention deficit? With all the noises, gadgets, and technologies we have today, we fail to truly be part of this world.



Try observing people in a public train. People inside it is with headphones in their ears, listening to music, or browsing their smart phones, or reading books and/or sleeping. Seldom have I observed someone talking to someone inside without looking in their phones just in a second. I will tell you the truth, I am one of them, whenever I am in a public transportation and without company, I am wearing my headphones in my ear and listening to music, and when in a train, I am reading my books or eBooks or Bible. Are we too dependent on our technology that we fail to listen to what really matters?

My 23rd devotional is about hearing God’s voice. This is very hard to reflect on because honestly, who can hear God, audibly? Not me. But as I was pondering, I realized that many times God has spoken to me, through Bible verses, through messages of close people, through the signage in the road, through the billboard at EDSA, through the music I am listening to and/or through my thoughts.

The problems are these: we are too busy on our life, we are too noise prone, we are too into gadgets and technologies, and we are too busy in ourselves. So what’s the problem with that? We fail to hear God.

We can hear God through anything, from our friend’s advice, from the message we got today, from the books we are reading, from the music we are listening, we can hear God through anything. But it is seldom to hear God audibly.

But the truth is it is not impossible that God speaks to us audibly, He did that with Moses and to other guys in the Bible. As long as we are seeking God’s voice and longing to hear Him, nothing is impossible. God is a personal God; He can communicate to us anywhere, anytime.


Here’s the true story of Ru Dela Torre from the book Refuel, in evidence that God speaks audibly:

“On May 28, 2011 moments after capping a three-day camp with a thanksgiving prayer at a prayer mountain. I found myself outside the compound ushering some 700-plus young people on their way to the buses. Because of an afternoon rain pour, the road up to our spot became super slippery…

Not wanting to be caught stuck in the campsite after sundown, we carry our bags and walk some 150 steps down the hill where the buses are parked.

Little did I know that I was being set up again for another encounter with God. When the count was out, I stopped to catch my breath. To my surprise, I found my rubber shoes slopped in the mud. I shook my head and said, “Oh well, so much for my favorite shoes!”

As I said those words, the mud answered, “Yeah! I’m giving you your new pair!”

I shook my head and turned to Dan, one of my disciples, “D’you hear that? The mud said I was going to have a new shoes!

He smiled and stared at me, like I, his pastor, had gone crazy. I smiled back and assured him, “Go’s giving me brand new rubber shoes!”

Fast-forward to when I got home. I checked my email and then my Facebook account. John, another disciple who went to the States for a vacation, told me that he got me a new pair of shoes—the ones which I’ve been praying for—drooling over them in Google—for the past 5 months. Call it coincidence. Refer to it as a chance. But as for me, I choose faith. God orchestrated it all. What the talking mud said came true after all. My experience was a hallelujah moment—not a hallucination. The one who spoke was God…”



One thought on “I’m busy!!!

  1. This is one of the biggest challenges we face as Christians today!! The distractions are getting more and more. Technology is a part of our lives and it seems to be invading more and more of our lives. It’s a constant struggle I have as well. Instead of reading my bible I find my self on my phone, or ipad, watching tv and so on! Are there any easy answers?
    You are right about hearing God’s audible voice! It is possible to hear it. It starts with a decision I guess….
    Great post Julienne!



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