The Ultimate Question

“What is your greatest mistake?” asked the interviewer.

My brain is searching like a computer searching for hidden files. Searching and searching, until my head is full of unwanted memories of the past.

Questions like this are often asked in a job interview. I don’t have an idea why such very subjective and out-of-the-context question is being asked. Is this question really needed for a competency-based job?

Maybe they are asking since it’s on their question guide.

Maybe they are asking because they just simply want to know.

Maybe they are asking so that they could see that even the highly intellectual person can make mistakes.

What if it is required and the only answer they accept is “I don’t have any mistake” ? I think we will all fail the interview and no one will ever have a job ever again.

Good thing, the world is not a hypocrite to accept that human doesn’t make mistake. However, be prepared to be scrutinized by other human being for your mistake.

I grew up being guilty of failures and mistakes. Whenever I failed, I felt that I am the most unworthy of all. I also grew up knowing God as an angry God — that my mistake will never be forgiven and I will be burning to hell when I die because of those.

Then, when the time I came to know God as the loving God, I realized that it is okay to make mistakes because it’s human nature. All I need to do is ask for forgiveness and God will never make me feel guilty of those. Thank God!

The world will make you feel guilty, unworthy and unloved. But, God will not. That’s what I learned.

Ask me again, “What is my greatest mistake?”
I’ll answer, “Who cares? As far as I’m concerned, God doesn’t care anymore with my past mistake because I am already forgiven. What He wants is my now.”

-my reflection to the 22nd weekly devotional of Refuel by Ru dela Torre

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