Love is spelled O-B-E-Y

Have you ever wondered why our parents give us rules and regulations inside our house? No to sleeping late, lights off at 10pm, don’t talk when your mouth is full, go home early and so on and so forth.

I also wonder.

Wonder no more! The simple truth behind those house rules is: LOVE! Our parents love us so much. They want us to be in the right path that’s why they are instilling right manners. They want us to be safe.

If our parents love us that much, how will you feel if I’ll say to you that the creator of heaven and earth, the creator of human is in love with you more than how much your parents love you?


How can we repay God’s love?

The truth is, we can’t. Simply because God’s love is unconditional and we humans are conditional.

But I think God will be happy if we obey Him like how our parents are happy when we obey them.

When we love someone, we desire to obey them. Because love is spelled obedience most of the time. It is just the way it is.

If God is all about love, do we still follow rules? You may not but there where afflictions and accidents begin.

And it is easier to obey to someone who knows a lot more than we do, right?

So why not obey today?


-My reflecftion on the  21st weekly devotional.

Also, many thanks to and for the reference.

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