The Brick on Our Faces

Consider this: what if the world is not full of brokenhearted, problems, issues and worries? What if we don’t have to experience sorrows? Life will be so sweet! Or….. NOT.

Life is cruel. When everything seems to be going right, life will throw you a brick on your face. But you can always have a choice how you will react to it.

I’ve known people who seems to have no problems or issues in life. I envy those people. However, whenever I have the chance to talk to them, I find it surprising that they have deeper issues than I have. And there I came to realize that problems and issues in life are not irrevocable but we can choose to not let it ruin our lives. Now, I envy those people because they are very compose despite the challenges they are facing.

But there are people who can’t handle the stress of life. Those people who after bitter circumstances fall into bitter solutions. There are people in effect, commit suicide, or party all night, do drugs, drink alcohol or fall into temptation to sin. That’s the enemy’s work. The enemy will do everything just to see us miserable.

The enemy’s work is to kill, steal and destroy. The enemy will try to pull us down whenever they have the chance. The enemy will always try to kill our hope, steal our joy and destroy our faith.

Don’t fret, we can always choose to not let the enemy win over us. Turn to God, pray and trust Him. He is our hope, our joy and our help.

If you need a verse in bad circumstances, please see below picture.


-my reflection on the 20th weekly devotional.

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