When everything seems not to be working, look again! You may have just overlooked other things which are still working.

If you have noticed, my past entries have been focusing on the negative thoughts running through my mind. Honestly, up to now, I am still working myself out, trying to figure out how to move on and let go of the feeling of unworthiness, anxiety and worry.

With all these battles inside me, I forgot how God is blessing me in the other area of my life–and that is the financial aspect of my life.

I grew up in a family wherein discussions over dinner time was all about money. I grew up in an environment wherein people worry so much about money. I grew up in a country wherein money seems to be everything. So, as a result, my life journey focused on how to have enough finances for all the needs and wants. This was before I come to know God deeply.

Yesterday, as I was contemplating on the things I need to work on (anxieties, worry, self-pity and so on), I was reminded that I am blessed with so much. Well, not so much finances but just enough to save money for the future. I never been scarced of anything involving finance this year. And I was glad to be reminded about this. Because, I was busy dwelling on the negative things of life that I am forgetting the things that I am blessed for.

Thank you God! Praise God!

Thank you God for reminding me that even some areas of my life seems to screw up, still, there are right things going on with other areas of my life. I didn’t ask but you still give, that is how Generous You are (in case God, You don’t know. But I bet You know). I will make sure to be in the right track and I will not dwell on the negatives of life.

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8 thoughts on “Overlooked

  1. Hey Julienne.
    A great point you have made. There is always something to be thankful for indeed. That is a great way to live life!
    Hope the other side of things get better for you. God has an amazing things in store for you. There is a lesson in the questions you have and feelings you are dealing with. He is with you all the way.
    Bless you



  2. Wow, this is an amazing post – I didn’t ask, but You still give – Those words just resonated through me. Thank you for the reminder to stay focused on God and trust Him. Have a great day!


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