What was he even thinking?

The thing about love is… it is unexplainable. No word can define love. No action can describe love. It is just simply unexplainable.

I have oftenly write about  love, specifically, God’s love. But up to now, I can’t fathom it.

Who can fathom a father sacrificing his own son, to suffer, to be flogged, to be nailed at the cross, just for the good of others? Up to now, I can’t fathom God’s love. Why did He need to do that? What was He even thinking?


There was once a boy playing his toy boat in a river. He created it with all his might and time. He was delighted, he was happily playing with the boat when suddenly a strong wind causes the boat to drift away. He tried to run after it but in no good, the current was so strong. The boy became very sad because his toy boat was gone.

The next day, he was walking by the city when in his surprise, saw in a store his most beloved toy boat, now, broken. He entered the store and looked for the store owner. When he finally saw the store owner, he said to him, “Sir, that boat is mine.” The store owner said, “No! That is mine, I found it by the river.” “No, I created that boat, I was just playing with it when a strong current drifted it away from me,” said the boy. The store owner got an idea, “if you really wanted that boat, give me what it says on the price tag, if you cannot, just forget the boat.” The boy, shattered, didn’t have enough money to buy back his boat, left the store crying.

Still thinking about the boat, he was eager to buy it back. So he worked all day to gain money. All over his body are bruises from his work. When he had enough money, he went back to the store owner. In the surprise of the store owner, the boy had given him the money for the boat. “Why do you like this boat so much, it is already broken and ugly, the truth is, this doesn’t deserve to be sold,” says the store owner. The boy with a smile on his face while hugging the boat, says, ” I created it, I love it the way it is. But of  course, I am its creator so I can restore it. I will do anything just to get this boat back to me. Even if I need to sacrifice, I will always love it.” Finally, he left the store with a big smile in his face. -Road Trip, Ru dela Torre.

Like that boy, God loves you so much and thinking about you so much. He will do anything for you to come back even it means… Him on the cross.

The story speaks so much of God’s love to us. What now if we are broken? God loves us. What now if we are unworthy? God’s sacrifice made us worthy to call us His children.

God’s love can change us wholely from that broken, ugly and unworthy somebody to the whole, beautiful and worthy inheritor of His kingdom.

–My reflection on the 17th week of Refuel by Ru dela Torre

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3 thoughts on “What was he even thinking?

  1. A lovely story Julienne! God’s love for us is incredible. I have nothing, absolutely nothing that I can hold up and say, it’s because of this that He loves me. His love is unconditional. He just loves me as I am. Broken brusied and shattered!
    Great post.



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