That’s life!

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Our days are numbered. Life is so short to live in a stagnant life. Unlike the people in the Old Testament who could live for 300 years, the people today cannot.

The author of Refuel, Ru deal Torre nearly face death many times. One, he has his car accident (which by the way, the starting point of his faith to God); two, when he was a toddler having fell from the carousel ride.

It took him so many trials to realize that “Life is so short, and we have to make each day count.”

And look where he’s been now, he is now a Youth Director of Wildfire and Youth Ministry of His Life, he inspires many youth to stand with their faith to God.

I never had a near death experience. However, sometimes I feel like I am dead because I am not living my life the way it should be, that I’m still alive but not connected in this world. But one turn around point changes my concept of life. That one event made me realize, “Julienne, you’ve been that kind girl all of your life… now start living your life… dream big… dream excellently… it is your time now.”

God wants us to seize our day, to connect with people, to love our family, friends and enemies, to take every opportunity (which by the way may stretch our faith to God), to dream big, to love, to cry, to smile, to laugh, to work and most of all to praise and worship Him (by the way, yesterday’s entry is about putting God first before our dreams ).

I just remembered my entry last January 20, 2014 (please visit it here). I told there that I should now start living and seize the day. Take it one step at a time.

Here’s a little thought for you: Stop living like you will not die tomorrow. Live life like there’s no tomorrow. Start loving today, start pursuing your dream today, and start connecting today… because our days are numbered. Well, that’s life!

–my reflection for the 16th week devotional of Refuel by Ru dela Torre.



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