Ces’t la vie!

What is your dream life?

My dream life includes writing a best-selling novel or inspirational book, a really big house with 10 rooms, an owned business, an owned free library for all and last but not the least—comfort!

But are these worth it?

I have on my mp3 player the song of Switchfoot about having a dream becomes reality, the song is called “Company Car,” (Which, by the way, my favorite song for this season. It describes how his dreams draw him far from his purpose, values and principles in life. That he has the “company car” yet he doesn’t like himself. That’s the price to pay!

Having a dream life come true is not wrong. Yet, having it just for your own comfort… isn’t worth it. Sometimes, people whose dreams come true forget the sole purpose of their existence… TO GLORIFY GOD!

There’s nothing wrong in dreaming big since God is a promoter of excellence and God wants to show His greatness to His beloved children. However, if you lose yourself in the long run, if you lose yourself while reaching your dreams, you may not want the result of it.

Here’s my favorite line from the song “Company Car” (see full lyrics here):

I’ve got the company car.
I’m the one swinging at two below par.
Yeah, I’ve become one with the ones,
That I’ve never believed in.
But I’ve got the company car.

I always say, dream big, dream excellently, don’t be a mediocre because God wants us to be excellent in all our ways! But, we shouldn’t forget this:

In whatever we do, always put God first.

I am not to preach here because I’m one of them. I sometimes forget that the purpose of these all is God and Him alone. That we should connect with people just like what He did through Jesus, to see trees and all His creation, to attain greatness and not forget Him.

This entry is very close to my heart because in the past days, I felt like losing myself, that the only thing that keeps me going is the love of God and the excellence I am craving for. Like, I finally realized that I don’t like what I’m doing. When I was on my college days, I said that I would love anything that relates to my field of expertise (which is Psychology. By the way, I’m an IT Recruiter). However, the now seems too vague for me. I don’t know if what I don’t like is my job or the people around me or both or this is just another of that “I-hated-everything-season” (Well, this is another story). But whatever it is, this is not healthy to me and to my walk with God. I need to get my mind straight.

I don’t want to sound preachy or grumpy or moody or lonely in my post but because this is very close to my heart, I cannot help myself but to sound preachy, grumpy, moody and lonely at the same time. Sorry, I have a multiple personality (please refer to this entry). Haha!

And also, this should be my post for my reflection on Refuel but felt like it is out of context. So tomorrow will be it!

For now, Ces’t la vie!



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