Already been said and done

Today is Thursday but this day is not an ordinary Thursday. Today is Holy Thursday. This Lenten Season symbolizes the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus.


Everything here on earth has an expiration. Medicines expire, so as food. Emotions and feelings too, expire. And humans too, we call it death.

Imagine if there will be no expiration? Not a good sight, right? If medicine and food didn’t expire, job will be scarce and then economy will be at stake. If emotions and feelings didn’t expire, angry people will never stop being angry or sorrowful people will never stop being sorrowful. And if humans cannot die, this world will be over populated, right?

So let us appreciate expiration dates because without them we cannot start anew.

I would like to tell all people that this lenten season is not a season of taking up the Cross that Jesus already took up. Hence, this season is just a remembrance that by His grace, we have been saved, that we can always start anew, that our sins were long long time ago expired, and that IT IS DONE, IT IS ALREADY DONE.

What is done is already done.
What is said is already said.
What has expired already expired. You cannot eat again expired food right? So why carry Jesus cross again and to the extent of nailing yourself to the cross, if He already done it?

Jesus already took up our cross for us not to suffer what He suffered. Jesus already took up our cross, for us to be saved. He had already resurrected to be our bridge to God.

Believe that He had already done it.

So c’mon guys, stop suffering and start praying to God. God is more pleased to people who pray than people doing senseless rituals.

–My reflection of the 15th week of Refuel by Ru dela Torre

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