Blurred lines

Blurred Sight

Blurred lines…

It is like a blurred line. We know it is there, but we cannot see it clearly, because, it is in fact blurred.

It is like you know exactly what your plan is but you see an easier path and you turn left instead of right.

It is like knowing God’s plan but one day you wake up feeling lost because of random unknown things.

Then there will be WORRY because we cannot see clearly.

The week before this post, I was in a very stressful period wherein some uncontrollable things happened. At work, there was a consultant that should already been deployed to our client however he backed out. Also, there were candidates who failed to show up on their scheduled interview.

The week before this stressful week, I was in the stage wherein I felt very weary, uninspired, and worried to the point that I was always losing my appetite to eat and losing some valuable sleep. And I don’t know why I was feeling that way. FYI I hate that feeling.

Aren’t these very stressful? Stressful enough to worry and get sick?

Knowing that I was feeling that way, I prayed to God. I wanted answers why I felt and experiencing that kind of situation.

On my way to the office, as a habit, I was listening to my playlist and this song played “So I stop living off of how I feel, and start standing on your truth revealed. Jesus is my strength, my shield. And He will never fail me.” This song is sung by Casting Crowns, All I Ever Wanted.

God said, to stop living off of how I feel.

Then the next morning, I read this verse from Matthew 6:34, “Do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

When I read these, I got teary-eyed and felt overwhelmed. This was God’s answer to my questions.

He said, to stop living off of how I feel and to stop worrying about my tomorrow because come to think of it… Tomorrow is already planned by God, we only need to take it day by day.

Realization: That worrying at times is ok (at least we know we are human and living) but don’t let your worries become your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Because I tell you, you’ll become sick and ugly.

That most of the times we experienced blurred lines… God’s plan is the line and our worries are the blurs. We experience it because we don’t trust and because we let worry blur our sight to God.

Let us stop living on a blurred line. Remember, our God is a God of clarity. We, human, are the cause of the blurriness.

–My reflection of the 14th week of Refuel by Ru dela Torre


3 thoughts on “Blurred lines

  1. A great line to live by, “Stop living off how you feel”! That is some really good advise Julienne. This post in general was so key. As we trust God we need to deal with worry! I like how you said worry is not a sin. It becomes sin when we let it take over our lives.
    Great post!



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