People who always think out-of-the-box are people who always get ostracized because they are different, queer, unconventional…

People who color the leaves of a tree blue instead of green, who sing classical instead of what’s popular, who write about others instead of himself, who dress differently from others, who values life instead of style.

People whose limit are only death, whose time isn’t a problem and never wasted, whose future is the combination of now and their limitless dreams.

People who won’t stop even imprisoned by the boundaries.

People who believe in the power of their faith.

I believe these people are the ones who should be applauded. These people who try to make a powerful change in this world.

These people who paint the normalcy with ROYGBIV, who will never know the meaning of mediocrity, who can look at the mirror and say, “my full potential starts here,” with his finger pointing on her left chest.

These are the true creative, true queer people living the true life.

These people who don’t stop chasing dreams, who couldn’t draw a straight line because it’s too conventional. These people who don’t calculate their steps because they are swayed by the music of their own imagination.

These people are the ones we left hanging on the wall, who never get the chance to be the prom queen, who never get the chance to be the captain ball of the basketball team. While others are struggling to be known… these people, at their best, struggle to live a life of the traditional until they found out their glory in their uniqueness.

I applaud them, these creative out-of-the-box thinker.

-an out-of-the-blue thought last 033114


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