Big Miracle, na-ah!

Everybody needs healing. Some needs emotional healing from a scarred past. Some needs physical healing from a terminal illness. But whatever it is, we all need healing.

For the nth time, I’ve been witnessing and hearing people who have been healed by God emotionally. However, only few people I know who were healed physically.

I’ve read Joyce Meyer’s restoration from cancer through her faith with God. But, honestly, I have never experience that kind of healing. I would love to witness with my own eyes or feel with my own body, but, na-ah! No big miracle for me.

The closest that I think I could remember of physical healing was when I was very sick–sore throat, dry cough and high temperature. My friend told me, just to claim that God can heal me. So, I did. And days gone by, little by little, I was healed.

Is that the healing they are talking about? Is that the miracle I am waiting for?

For me, when you say miracle, it should be as big as an elephant or as huge as God healed the men with leprosy.

Then I realized this: Healing comes from the most little thing of this world.

–That miracles are still miracle even how small it is.
–That I do not need extravagant miracles like the men with leprosy were healed by God.
–That even the little scratch in my skin can be healed by God.
–That it should not take a HUGE MIRACLE for me to believe and have faith and to proclaim His healing.
–That I do not need to have cancer and all that just to know God can heal.

-My reflection on the 12th week devotional of Refuel by Ru dela Torre

He said to her, “Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering.” -Mark 5:34


3 thoughts on “Big Miracle, na-ah!

  1. Hi Julienne.
    I love this post. Miracles are not what we think they are. We find them in the small things God does!!You have made such a crucial point! If we would understand that we would be thankful to God for a lot more….
    Another great post!!



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