I was electrified. Electrified, it is the sensation that you get when you touch a matter which repels you or if there is too much friction. Here in the Philippines, we call it being grounded.

In the past few weeks, I am often being grounded (screw you friction!), literally, like in one day, I got grounded for 3 times. This led me into thinking about humility and being truly grounded (I know this sounds queer to associate it to humility, but I did!)

Grounded people (humble people) usually are the kindest people I know. But unfortunately, they are too scarce in this generation or I just don’t know that they exist because they are too grounded.

Remember, Peter? He’s a good example of humility. He was persecuted because of preaching the Gospel but he stayed grounded and believed that God would eventually free him. He was much grounded that he could live a lowly life just to let other know who God really is.

How about Mother Theresa? I think she’s the kindest. She’s very humble that she could give to needy, she could live with them, and she could love them.

But the most humble I know is Jesus Christ. Imagine, He is the Son of God, but He washed the feet of His apostles, He loves us even we are not His equal, and He died on the cross.

I don’t know if you get what I’m trying to say. But being humble is more than saying “Oh, thank you” when someone praises your dress, your physicality or your brain.

Yet, it is saying “Sorry” when you are wrong, forgiving when you are wronged, giving God all the glory, being not braggy even you have all the bragging rights, learning to respect every living things in this world.

–my reflection on the 11th week devotional of Refuel by Ru dela Torre


One thought on “Grounded

  1. Hi.
    Sorry you got electrecuted!!! Does that happen because of poor wiring?
    Great post about being grounded. I would really like to be that person….
    And like you said, we have a great example in Jesus!



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