I always misplaced things. I think it is because of my forgetfulness. If things are too trivial for me, I totally forget it.
Like, my draft of today’s blog post. I misplaced it. Blah.
This made me realize that there are things that are not meant to be. But in the right time, it will come and you’ll find it but not just today. 🙂

–I think I’m just being too rational about my forgetfulness. But what the heck, at least I learned something.


2 thoughts on “Misplaced

  1. I started writing a poem today, and I did not save it, and it was a beautiful poem…so I felt the same way, it was not meant to be shared today…but maybe the words will visit again tomorrow!
    Your writing is a gift, even a simple thought gives birth to one for another to ponder!!! Have a blessed evening!


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