Giving Up

“I don’t give up easily. Or I must say, I don’t give up at all. I think it is because I am an eager person. I am eager to complete a task. Even I can foresee the result as impossible. I still don’t give up.” says, my conscious self.

Let’s dig more deeply…

Remember my last week’s devotion reflection, Those little dots…? Those times were very hard for me emotionally. And as I recount those dark days… I just realized that I DID GIVE UP! Unconsciously, given up once in my life.

There came a point, wherein my emotions were numb or thought I was. I shut my doors. I shut the people around me. I seldom talk to my family. I seldom eat with my friends. Most of the time, I was just with myself and listened to music. I even stopped thinking.

Imagine this, I never gave up on simple tasks but I gave up living my life with purpose.

Those days were really tough… and what I really wanted was just to give up completely.

But God didn’t–He didn’t give up on me. He never left me that time. And little by little, I was made whole, redeemed and saved.

Have you experienced that same situation? Or are you at the verge of giving up on a certain task or certain situation?

Remember this: God’s arms are not too short. Whatever your circumstances, nothing is too hard for God. Surrender. Trust. He can save us with his long arms.

–My reflection on the 9th week devotional of Refuel by Ru dela Torre


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