In Princess’ Heart: Craving for Wisdom, Truth & Love

If you ask me who I am,
I might tell you my name.
I am lost of this world.
If you ask me a little about me,
I might tell you my favorite color.
I am lost with the monochrome.

Am I my family’s keeper?
Am I my friend’s keeper?
Am I what I thought I am?
Am I what you thought I am?
Is this world I’m with?
Or the other?

If you ask me who I am,
I’ll say I am a princess,
An inheritor that will find a way,
To see, to hear and to understand,
The higher purpose He has given me.

If you ask me who I am,
I’ll tell you I crave for a certain kind of life.
The wisdom I am seeking for.
The truth I am looking for.
The love I am fighting for.

I am the truth’s keeper.
I am the princess of wisdom.
I am the fighter for deeper love.
My heart craves for more…
Craving for Wisdom, Truth and Love.


12 thoughts on “In Princess’ Heart: Craving for Wisdom, Truth & Love

  1. Dear Julienne,
    Thank you so much for following my blog. it’s a great honor! Though I have not much spend time to dive more your blog, I do believe that your blog is really great and I will find so many great posts. Many love and blessings to you.



    • Thank you so much for dropping by, liking posts and commenting. These mean so much to me. You don’t know how it makes me happy those positive remarks and encouragement! God bless you always! šŸ™‚


  2. The words you share are soulful and so very soothing! His love is alive within all you share my dear sister! I am blessed to have you visit me, for you are a delight, and a daily blessing to read. The embracing smile in your words, fills a day with His peace, for He is so alive within you. Thanks for the kindness in taking the time to visit me! May we both be equally blessed by his love in our journey through this life he has graced us with! Have a beautifully blessed weekend. God bless!


    • You don’t know how meaningful your encouragements are. This kind of comment really inspire me to strive more and crave more of His love. And this inspires me to write more about Him and my journey in finding “that certain kind of life”
      Thank you very much! God blesses you always!


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