Are you connected? Think again.

Feeling weary? Rant on Twitter.

Feeling insecure? Post a selfie on Instagram.

Feeling in love? Text your friends.

Feeling your worst? Post it on Facebook.

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How far can we go just to be connected with our online friends?

I know people who will spend money for them to have unlimited service in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other Social Networking Sites.

Or people who will go to the nearest coffee shop and buy the cheapest coffee just to be connected to a free wi-fi hotspot.

Or people who use proxy sites to access Social Networking Sites at the office.

Yes, people do that just to be CONNECTED to the online world.

These made me think on how far people will go to be connected with God?

As I ponder on the 7th week devotional in the book, Refuel (written by Ru dela Torre), I felt I need to share some of my learning through the years.

To be connected in the online world, what we need is an internet connection. Without it, we can never be online.

To be connected to God, we need only three things and not as expensive as having internet connection.

  • Faith. We need to believe and have faith to God. Believe that Jesus is our Savior. And the Holy Spirit to guide us.
  • Prayer. Remember the word talk? Yes, talk. In the online world, we talk but not really talking. We only type our thoughts. That’s like praying. Even no words are uttered; just the heart speaking is more than enough with God. We can pray while walking, running, bathing or in any posture we would like.
  • Bible. Have you ever wondered why we don’t hear God when we pray? It is because the cheapest way of communicating is TALKING. One way of God speaking is through reading the Bible.

See, these are inexpensive way to communicate with God and believe it or not, it is worth the connection.

So feeling weary again? Instead of ranting on Twitter, try connecting to God.

So feeling insecure again? Talk to God instead of posting a selfie on Instagram.

So feeling in love again? Before texting to your friends about it, tell it to God first.

So feeling your worst again? Cry to God, posting it on Facebook doesn’t do any good.

Because God is listening to you 24/7.

The next time you need to do or say something, seek God first! You don’t know how much He wanted to talk to you!

“My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.”

-John 10:27


2 thoughts on “Are you connected? Think again.

  1. Prayer comes first for me. I do it religiously – every morning.
    Starting in an attitude of gratitude, I commence.
    And in solitude, I jump the psychic fence – landing back on Earth.

    Peace and luvz, Uncle Tree


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