The doctor says “You only have 24 hours to live.” I cried. It is as if I can’t comprehend what he said. 24 hours? To live? I HAVE ONLY TWENTY FOUR HOURS TO LIVE? Is this a joke? Or am I in a prank show? Please tell me it’s a joke. These are the only things I could utter.

Finally, as I realized that no one is kidding me, “I have so much to do. Why now? Why me? I have so much dreams in life…”
None, above, is true. I am well and no one is dying.
But what if we only have one day to live, a 24 hour race to life, what will you do?
A simple question but very hard to answer.
What will you do? What will I do?
Here’s what I will do:
1. Learn to paint
2. Compose a song
3. Write a novel
4. Sketch anything that comes to mind
5. Study again
6. Be a Psychologist
7. Read books
8. Go to different places
9. Meet new people
10. Chat with friends and hug them (I’m not a hugger but because this will be my last, why not?)
and so on and on…
Isn’t ironic that I want to do many things but I only have such a small amount of time?
Note this (estimates only): In a day, an adult should have at least 7 hours to sleep to keep him sane everyday. An exercise is also needed and it will take at least an hour. We also need to eat, breakfast, lunch and dinner combined will take 1 hour at least. We also need to bathe, an hour at the minimum. An adult works everyday and should at least render 8 hours in the office. We also need to spend resting, transporting, cooking, thinking, and chatting for at least 3 hours. So 7+1+1+1+8+3 is equal to 21. Meaning we do routinary tasks for 21 hours. It also means that we only have 3 hours to live our dreams, to truly live our life.
The point is, we can’t do what we want in just one day but if you have super powers, I think you can. But unluckily, no one has. We can’t control time as much as we want to because we are bound of time.
We work hard in pleasing others. Do you love what you are doing?
We do chores that we do not enjoy because it seems essential. Have you set priorities?
We spend money and time to watch senseless movies because that seems fun. But does it make you improve?
We spend so much time but we only have 24 hours a day. What is your 24 hours looks like?
The time we spent on doing nothing about our dreams is the most wasteful time we spent on our entire life.
Other says “seize your day” but we really can’t seize it because we have responsibilities in this world that we need to do in order to survive.
So I have an idea, be with me as I challenged myself to really seize my day without compromising the essentials of life…
For a day, keep an extra time for your dreams. For example, I dream of being a novelist in the future, so I’ll spend even just an hour to write a very short story.
Let us make our dreams come true… a little step a day.
Remind yourself, a little step is better than nothing at all. It will be big soon.

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