Week 1: Dead Bolts

KNOW THIS: He loves you so much and He is knocking now. Why don’t you open your heart, listen and yield to what He is saying.
“Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me.”
-Revelation 3:20
I’ve been reading a book by Ru dela Torre, “Refuel” for a week now. It is a 52-week devotional, a faith-building pit-stops on your road-trip to accepting God.
I’m about to end my first week today (January 9) and so far here is what I need to remind myself.
If you are God, and you are knocking each day to every house waiting for even one to let you enter the house BUT no one has opened the door for you or someone has opened it but never let you in, how would you feel?
If I were God, I will be sad or even furious or I will just walk away.
But God did not. He is still patiently waiting for you to open up and let Him in.
Dear Me,
Your journey with God does not stop on your acceptance of His grace. It is just the start of the journey.
Along the way, you will be tempted to sin or your faith will weakened by uncontrollable factors. It’s normal.
Remember that, every day is your FAITH BATTLE.
With lesser faith, you are bound to slip away from God.
But God is bigger and He is very faithful. He cares for you.
That’s why even you are in DEAD BOLT or seems to be at the dead end, God seems not to overreact. He is patient; He can patiently wait until you are ready again.
Now is the time to reevaluate yourself. Are you living a life within His purpose or you just let yourself slip away?
Sincerely yours,
I realized that I’ve been hard-headed along my journey to His purpose. God only wants my obedience. How hard it is to be obedient?
One to one with God (from Refuel)
Lord today I want to say sorry for the many times that I did not choose to hear your voice. For all the times I chose to ignore You and not open the door of heart for You, I am deeply sorry Lord. I know now Lord that this breaks Your heart and maybe sometimes, it even brings you to tears. Teach me obedience Lord. Show me surrender Lord. I am making a decision today to open the door of my heart for You. I choose this because I love You.

What do you think?

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