Why does a person born?
Is there any purpose of his existence?
Personally, I know I have a purpose here on earth. All of us have a purpose that we may know or not know yet.
Knowing or not knowing your purpose, did you know that your existence was made possible of A KID’S BIRTH in Bethlehem. A Kid’s birth, a single Human’s existence matters for our existence.
I don’t know about you, but I know who I am talking about.
The plan was laid out. Someone would be born and eventually would be nailed at the cross.
And he was born to redeem us, to save us and forgive us. Because we are sinners.
I cannot comprehend, why Jesus should endure all the pain of our own sins when in fact, we are the ones who sinned. And the fact, He was just born to be atonement for our trespasses that we could live freely away from sins and be saved.
What if you are Jesus Christ? And you know that you are born because all have sinned and you’ll be sacrificing for all mankind? That you know you are born to suffer after?
Will you still want to exist?
Fortunately, Jesus said yes!
Yes to His existence as Human!
Yes to be born as Human!
Yes to suffer pain!
And yes to be an atonement!
Just for us.
So this season is very meaningful to all Christians. This season is a remembrance of how God truly loves us.
How will you spend CHRISTMAS?
Christmas Family Picture by

Lord God, I thank you for bringing Christ into my life. For now understanding the true meaning of Christmas. For having wisdom and knowledge that I need with my life. I thank you for Virgin Mary and Joseph for cooperating with Your masterplan. I know I have done many wrongs that nailed Jesus at the cross but I also know that I am now forgiven, my past, my present and my future. Your will be done. Amen.


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