Who Will Be Given Gifts this Christmas?

Christmas is fast approaching (seven days to go as per this writing). And newsflash, I still don’t have gifts for my friends and family. Well, I’m not a type of person who give gifts (not my forte!).
However, now, I want to give everyone a gift. Why? I’ve been so blessed this year and I think I need to give back, right?
So now, I am thinking what should be the best gift for my friends and family?
Is it this season a CHRISTmas season?
For whom we are celebrating this season?
Is it this season for Jesus Christ? (You know… CHRISTmas… CHRIST)
So why don’t I have any gift for Him? (I know you also don’t have).
There is no wrong in giving gifts to your friends or families. Actually, that’s nice and even good.
But we often forget that the reason for this season is the BIRTH OF CHRIST (the One who sacrificed Himself for the atonement of our sins, so we could live freely without sin). IT’S.HIS.BIRTHDAY!
Likewise, like we traditionally do when someone is celebrating his birthday, giving gift, we should also give Jesus a gift.
You might say, He has everything.
A simple gift may do, it may be honoring your parents, or it may be believing in the impossible, or it may be loving your neighbor, or it may just be stretching your faith. There is a thousand of gifts that you can give to HIM.
Here’s my question: If you’ll be listing down gifts for Jesus, what would it be?
I encourage you to give Jesus at least one gift.
Thanks Photo Jero.
Thanks Photo Jero.

What do you think?

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