Surprise Realizations

It is my anniversary today here in WordPress. And this blog post is my anniversary post.
Yesterday was full of realizations
First realization…
We had a client meeting yesterday. We met the CEO/Managing Director of a Web Solution Company. We talked about our services… blah, blah, blah. After the meeting, the CEO/Managing Director treated us on a snack at McDonalds. Then he began to have a conversation with us. We talked about business, relationships, and so many things. Then he said something that really struck me…
Next year, try to challenge yourself. Do the things that you want to do but still didn’t do.
And I’m like (talking to myself), game on!
P.S. I was also surprised and amazed that the CEO is a Pastor.
Second realization…
Yesterday, my friend and I were texting about different stuffs, like, her wanting me to go back on our hometown, standards, houses, and crushes.
I’m not going to detail what the conversation was like…
We were talking about our standards of an ideal man (and hopefully, with God’s grace, will be a real-life man), and this message struck me
Crush helps you improve because at the end of the day if it happens that you find out that you are not meant to be, the idea is that you improved and the one you are meant to be is definitely better than you thought because you are better.
P.S. I would love to share what we had talked about but I think it’s another blog post.
Third realization…
Recently, I am not being excellent at my work. I am not pleasing God. 😦 And that’s a bummer.
I realized that I need to pray extensively.


-Yien (12.17.13)


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