Demeaning Faith

I don’t really get it when people try to demean other’s faith, specifically other’s religion.
I don’t get it.
Is it really necessary with people differing in religion to judge one’s faith?
I think not.
Faith is more than religion.
Many people have religion but does not have faith.
Many people who’s religious alters their faith with their religion.
But the truth is… FAITH is about the relationship one have with God.
You and God.

– A thought on November 9, 2013


3 thoughts on “Demeaning Faith

  1. It’s called the human game of “one-up-manship.” And it is what drives most of what most of us do. It can be a fun game for a little while, but it gets old quickly.


    • I know right. It is just that for me, judging other’s faith is something different from other topics. We could argue about different things just not people’s faith (that’s untouchable). Haha…
      And I agree with you it gets old quickly! 😀
      Thanks for the comment 🙂


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