From Your Point of View

From your point of view:

You’re good, you’re at your best, you’re better than ever. You are the most beautiful creature living here on earth. You are great with everything that you don’t need people. You deserve better than what you have right now.
You are nothing, unworthy, not even close to good. You will never be someone’s priority. You are not what you want to be. You are not beautiful. You are just the second best and will never be the first. You know you deserve better but still settling for less because what the heck you will never get what you want.

Everything depends on your own perspective.

If you view yourself not quite beautiful as others, THAT’S YOUR PERSPECTIVE.
If others will be asked if you are beautiful, then they say yes, THAT’S THEIR PERSPECTIVE.
I think things only differ because we have our own perspective.

It is like this:

Sketched by esorenneiluj25
For optimist, the glass is half full for every situation they view with positivism.
For pessimist, the glass is half empty for every situation they view with negativism.

From Christian’s Point of View:

In Christian’s life, our walk aren’t always smooth, there are times that we experience small bumps, big bumps and much bigger bumps on our way to our destinations; there are also thorny roads which are painful to walk on.
But I think what keeps us from going on is that even there are so many bumps along the way, and we feel like rerouting, there is SOMEONE out there who will remind us that rerouting is never the answer but looking from up above. That though there are thorny roads while we are walking (or driving), there is SOMEONE who will heal all the wounds from that thorny road. Or even more special is that there is SOMEONE out there to hug us, just for us not to be hurt by those lousy thorny and bumpy roads.
Many will never understand why people who entrusted their life to God are still standing and unshakeable even in times of trouble, battle or weakness.
Many will never fathom why people still choose to worship God though for them the “world seems to be an evidence of God’s nonexistence.”
OUR PERSPECTIVE is that even how bad the situation is or how “bad” the world is, we have BIGGER GOD who can withstand that all. We have BIGGER GOD who will rescue and save us.
Here’s my question: How do you see things/circumstances, especially those painful ones that are on your way?

-Yien (10.23.13)


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