A Prayer For My Country

I’m not really politically inclined person but now I think I need to stand to what I believe in because our country’s peace and morality are at stake.

Territorial and Power War. Almost 3 weeks ago, the MNLF started to terrorized Zamboanga capturing ordinary people. Peace leaves Zamboanga. Gun shots are all over the place. Locals evacuated their home. Higher officials are arguing which way is better.

These leave me sad, gloomy and even mad. Why these kind of things should happen? I can’t even imagine myself with the kind of situation the locals have. I also can’t even imagine why things end up with disagreement.

Corruption and Scapegoating. Government is now facing the biggest corruption issue. The officials elected by the nation were bogus. They are spending the people’s money (tax) to projects/NGO (Non Government Organization) that are non-existence. Integrity leaves the whole country. Only few practice Integrity. Morality is scarce. And all they can do is to point fingers for who to blame. Yikes! Scapegoaters in the house, break it down!

These made me question, why on the earth these kinds of people still exist in this “should-be beautiful” world? How did this happen? I can’t imagine billions of money that should be spent to the hungry, poor and illiterate were all spent to a few already millionaire officials.

Okay, let’s go back to what I believe in…

I believe there is still hope, prayers from the heart could make this a better world. Trusting God will make the impossible possible, right. God already proved that He could do everything if we just let Him.



Lord, Father God, I pray for your forgiveness that we seldom trust in You. That only if we let You, these things should not have happened. Let the tresspasses of all nation be forgiven and let grace fill our heart. Whatever is happening Lord God we submit it to You. We thank You in advance that all we ask, we will receive. We pray for peace that it will never leave this country again, that everybody wouldlive by it. We pray for the Holy Spirit to guide us, especially, those in the government, that they decide, choose and walk with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We also pray for unity that everybody will stand on what is right and pleasing to Your eyes. We ask and thank You, Lord God, our Father. Amen.

Your prayers are also welcome.


What do you think?

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