My thought about Music


Okay, let me get this straight… when it comes to music, I rarely choose Pop music. Well, you may say (to those who know me), “I often hear your playlist and almost of the song I’m hearing are Pop ones.” (that’s just a front show… hehe)

Let me comment on Miley Cyrus’ new songs… I totally agree with most of her fans regarding We Can’t Stop, when you hear it, it will make you sing it over and over again. But, I found out that that song is actually a song about drugs. Yikes! I had that song once (the remix one) and thought it was a good dancing song. But already deleted it.

Next one is the Wrecking Ball. I have LSS (last song syndrome) with that. But I really don’t like it because the mere fact that the Miley Cyrus I knew from Hannah Montana was gone and transformed into a new, of this world Miley (of this world meaning so earthly, materialistic) makes me decide to bye bye new Miley to my playlist. I actually missed the Hannah Montana days when she’s still sane.

I think everyone would agree that the most popular singer would be Lady Gaga. And a confession, I never had any songs of her on my playlist. Honestly, all of her songs are great, very theatrical but too much popular. And I don’t like too much popular songs.

Next one is the Blurred Lines by the singer whose surname is Thicke. I hate this song even it has so much of recall, you know. And it’s meaning, arrrrgggghhhh, is all about objectifying a woman. Who would want to listen with that kind of lyrics?

The kind of music I’m listening to is something with good meaning in it, somethig I could relate to. Because I super love listening to songs, I get LSS-ed most of the time. And the fact that I am LSS-ed, makes me think of the song (well I interpret songs a lot).

And have anyone already told you that the mere thought affects our lives?

And you know what, the number one attack the enemy (Satan) could make is poisoning your mind with your thoughts.

Therefore, songs with x-rated or immoral meanings should not be listened to and that’s whats the pop culture is bringing us (knowing or without knowing)


2 thoughts on “My thought about Music

  1. can i just give my opinion/reaction about the wrecking ball?
    I first heard it few hours before the movie was on youtube. it was good. i love it because it was full of emotions. the second time i heard the song was watching the music video itself. i won’t deny it – i was one of those “WTF is wrong with this girl” people, but at the back of my mind, a voice is telling me that that isn’t just that, it has a deeper meaning. i don’t know if you’ve seen some photos with chikas that the nudity was really artistic, and even her licking the hammer means she still likes (or rather choose) the pain she is in right now. i agree on that given meaning. do i condemn the video? in a way, yes. do i still love the song? very much. it’s well written and catchy. whenever i think that she is no longer the hannah montana that i love, a thought would always follow, that i am no longer that fifteen year old that waits for 5 pm every weekend to watch the show. i’ve changed as well, and i’m probably as wreck as the song or as the singer as well. but no, i’m not gonna go nude in public.

    this is too long na. haha boredom in midnight made me do this. hihi


    • I know right. I also love that song. I could comprehend what it means.
      BUT others may not. They might interpret it differently to what it is supposed to mean. Many children still idolizing her because she’s the Hannah Montana of Disney Channel. And children, as we all know, has less understanding and has a superficial understanding of things. I know you and me know very well that it is artistry, right? But, them, I don’t think so. They only understand the shallow meaning of it.
      This post is just a cautious reminder. Hehe… πŸ™‚


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