Miracle for You

I was re-reading one of my favorite books of all time, “Road Trip” by Ru dela Torre, then I read this very inspiring story of a boy and a wife (well, they are different stories). I decided to share it with everyone since reading this gave me goosebumps.

Here’s the first story (wife’s story):

…Since the ICU was a restricted section, we opted to go to the ICU lounge instead. This was where the family and relatives of ICU patients were allowed to stay. We saw Amiel’s mom talking to some people in  the lounge who also had relatives admitted there.

She then introduced me to some of there people. Finding out that I was a minister, one lady asked if I could pray for her and her husband who was in the ICU after suffering from a heart attack. I instantly said yes.

I explained to her the need to welcome Jesus in her heart as her Lord and Savior and led her to a prayer of repentance. We then agreed in prayer for the quick recovery of her husband. After the prayer, the lady told me this very interesting story.

At around 9pm that night, she found herself staring at the window and asking God to send a minister (a pastor or a priest) who can pray for her and her husband. Desperate, she cried out, “Lord, if You really are a listening God, please send us a minister and let me know that You really are hearing my prayer.”

When she checked her wristwatch, however, she discovered it was already 9pm and she thought it would be no longer be possible for a minister to go to them because the hospital closes at about the same time. This was the reason why, when I was introduced to her, she immediately burst into tears. My presence was a confirmation that God really was listening to her prayers.

While she was telling me the story, I, too, was moved to tears because I knew that at that moment, that God used me to be a miracle. This was when I realized that the greatest thing is not to hear or see a miracle. The greatest experience is when you, yourself, become the miracle.

A couple of days later, this lady send me a text message thanking me and telling me that her husband has fully and miraculously recovered. I told her, “Ma’am, there is no need to thank me. Instead, it is I who need to thank you because you’ve allowed me to be God’s miracle for you.”

Okay, that’s it for now… I’ll be posting the boy’s story later on since I have to work first (hehe…). To read more of this story, visit the nearest Bookstore and buy the book. 🙂


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