The Fight of Faith

Okay. I think, my last two posts were a cut-out of the books and articles I’ve read this past few weeks. Well, here’s another installment of republishing someone else’s work from one of my favorite book “Road Trip” by Ru dela Torre.


There is a huge battle involved — the epic and seemingly endless battle between God and the rebel forces of the enemy. In our lives, facing this battle is inevitable, as Satan desperately tries to fulfill his role as the greatest killjoy of all time. But when Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior, God will fight your battles for you.

Within you, there is also a great battle going on in your mind. No wonder that when the enemy tries to pull you down, his first target is your mind. What are you thinking about right now? Filter your mind and get rid of every negative thought: bitterness, pessimism, fear, worry and discouragement. Replace them with thoughts of God instead.

…Whenever the enemy wants to kill your faith, he plagues your mind with thoughts of doubts, fear, negativity, among many things. I call these “the faith stoppers.”




What do you think?

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