Listening might be the loving thing you may do to a person today.

I would like to share an article from Ed Brodow, entitled, The Forgotten Art of Listening.

I was having lunch at a bistro in St. Paul de Vence, a picturesque hill town in the south of France. In my fractured French, I tried to order a bottle of beer.

“Je voudrais une bouteille de biere, sil vous plait.” I would like a bottle of beer, I told the waitress.

“In a can,” she replied. “Non,” said I, “En bouteille!” In a bottle. With her hands on her hips and a sneer on her face, she repeated, “In a can!”

Now I was really getting mad. “Not in a can,” I insisted. “In a bottle. En bouteille. EN BOUTEILLE!”

She threw her hands up in despair. “Monsieur, IN A CAN!”

“All right,” I said. “Have it your way. Give it to me in a can. Anything. Just give me a beer!”

She stormed off and returned with a bottle of Heineken. Heineken, when you say it in French, loses the “H” and sounds like, “In a can.” I practically fell off my chair, I was laughing so hard. She thought I was nuts.

The point of the story is exactly what I stress in my negotiation presentations. We hear mostly what we want to hear, not what the other person is trying to communicate to us. Many conflicts can be resolved easily if we learn how to listen.

Sometimes, we just have to listen and not comment on anything. There’s a difference between hearing and listening with comprehension. I think many people have skipped the part of listening. What people are doing is to ask, to tell, or to inform and forget that God has given us ears to listen.

Can you take a day that you will just listen?


If I could say something to our country, PLEASE LISTEN. How many lives could have been saved if the government just listen to what the terrorists should say or vice versa?

If I could say something to every family, PLEASE LISTEN. Can you imagine if only sons would listen to their fathers and mothers would listen to their daughters and wives to their husband and husbands to their wife, no broken heart, no broken family.

If I could say something to every people, PLEASE LISTEN. If only everybody would listen to everybody, if only we listen to God most especially, no brokeness, no wars, no corruption, no pain, only peace, love and joy.






What do you think?

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