Advice on Losing


Here are some advices how to lose people, memories and things:

  1. Be preoccupied. This is the most effective way to lose everything in your life. Being preoccupied by things that are not really what you are supposed to be thinking. Being preoccupied on watching television makes you forget where you put your eyeglasses or your car key, or your ball pen. That’s the simplest. But if you want to lose a person in your life, here’s my advice: Being preoccupied by your job makes you forget your wedding anniversary or your son’s first dance presentation or your parents’ 50th anniversary or your friends’ birthday. If you are preoccupied on texting or chatting with friends while your other friend is telling you her deepest darkest sorrow face to face, I’m sure that someone will get tired of you and will leave you A.S.A.P.
  2. Make money your priority. Making money your priority is simply a topnotch way in losing your life. It’s like being preoccupied. You are so into getting rich that you forget that you have a life, a family, friends and community to serve.
  3. Be too confident. Being too confident that you have the things you need and the people you wanted will make you lose them. If you’re too confident that you have enough sleep and you go 24 hours overtime on your work, you will lose your sanity. If you’re too confident that your friend will stand by you even you don’t remember to text them even once in a month, you’re wrong!
  4. Just be forgetful. This is tried and tested. I, too, forget some things and lose them eventually (sometimes without knowing that I already lose them). Forget that your car is unlocked while in a public parking lot will surely get you to lose your important belongings. Forget that you have friends and family.
  5. Eat more fatty foods.

That’s it!

Note: These are all sarcasm.


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