Happy Birthday to me!!! This is my birthday blog…


Why I’m blogging? I want to share the lessons I’ve learned for the past 22 years of my life. I felt that it is a must to tell you or to enumerate the life lessons not to influence your thoughts but to make you think of the things you’ve already done, you’re doing, or you’ll be doing. These lessons are acquired since I started to know God, when I started to truly live my life. So it means, 2 years ago (hehe…). But seriously, these lessons have a deep meaning in it.

22 Life Lessons I’ve learned through my lifetime:

1. Life is unfair because if it isn’t we’ll all go to hell.
2. Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer because who knows they might be saved because of you.
3. Relationship with God is the most satisfying of all relationship.
4. No one can stand alone.
5. Do not do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you.
6. Men are visual.
7. To listen is the most loving thing you may do.
8. You can change a bad habit in 21 days if you are willing to.
9. Be thankful to all circumstances whether it’s bad or good. (Read 1 Thessalonians 5:16-19)
10. Treat people around you with importance because you will never know when they will walk away. And then if they do, don’t you say you regret it.
11. To have the best, be the best.
12. Be excellent in all the things you’re doing.
13. Poetry, songs and stories are best written when you are at the peak of emotion.

14.God loves you and gave His Son just for you so that you will live in this world with freedom.
15. Pray first before doing anything.
16. To gain respect, be willing to give it.
17. People will come & go. Learn to deal with it.
18. Inner beauty is much more important than physical one.
19. Everyone is a unique individual; we don’t need to conform to the ways of the world. (Read Romans 12:2)
20. Praying is more important than eating, sleeping or watching your favorite TV show.
21. If you try to please the world, you will never measure up with their expectations even how hard you try and in the end, you will just lose yourself (in a negative way). Instead, try to please God; even if you don’t measure up, it’s ok… because He loves you no matter what!
22. Money can’t buy happiness, respect, love, wisdom, dignity, values, dream, peacefulness, understanding, common sense, trust and morality. In short, it will never be the measurement of someone’s life.


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